Marvel fans on social were skeptical that the things that they loved about their favorite anti-hero, Venom, might be left behind in his big screen debut.

So we produced a Twitter Moment Series featuring Venom himself to improve sentiment to 90% positive in time for the movie's release.

So we set out to rebuild the core fan relationship in the lead-up to release by orchestrating a first-of-its-kind organic Twitter execution, rebooting and reinventing a piece of Marvel’s past: Eddie’s Clubhouse.

Eddie’s Clubhouse started as an opportunity for the early Marvel staff to have fun with the “letters to the editor” section in the comics. By injecting the conflicted duality of symbiote Venom and his host Eddie Brock as in-character replies to readers, the off-the-cuff segment became beloved among core fans for Venom’s dark and subversive humor. 


It was social before there was social, and it was time we brought it back. 


Launched during San Diego Comic-Con, Eddie’s Clubhouse featured Venom himself joining Twitter to answer top fan questions. A unique reinvention of a traditional platform feature, Twitter Moments turned curated conversation threads into “digital issues.”

Digital Issue #1:

Venom @ SDCC

The issues quickly became the premiere destination for breaking news about the movie.

Digital Issue #2:

Venom the Trailer Troll

Venom even trolled fans looking for the new trailer to drive anticipation.

Digital Issue #4:

The Fan Art Issue

Fans ate up the first-person interaction with the character.

Digital Issue #6:

Search for an Anti-Hero

Each weekly moment dropped new content that inserted Venom's unique voice into the conversation.

Digital Issue #7:

Fans Apply Within…

As conversation volume increased, Venom reached out for assistance.

Digital Issue #8:

Director Q&A

Then went to Director Ruben Fleischer in the editing bay for help instead.

Digital Issue #11:

Step Inside Our Mind

One special issue put a twist on video subtitles, prompting fans to turn on the captions to find Venom’s hidden commentary.

Digital Issue #12:


Finally, in the week of release, the last Twitter Moment featured a chatbot that enabled Venom to reply to core fans and broad audiences alike with customized messages at scale.

The chatbot reinvented the auto-reply function by recognizing keywords in fans’ tweets and then delivering direct replies custom built for those keywords. Some served as easter eggs, surprising fans with replies that teased movie details.

The #BondWithVenom campaign generated 2.1M impressions and 3.2K mentions on Twitter organically in less than a week. Many “super users” tweeted with Venom more than 10 times (with a high of 35 tweets for a single user).


Most importantly, negative sentiment was present in less than 1% of all #BondWithVenom mentions, and online movie sentiment pre-release had improved to 90% positive overall, proving that Eddie’s Clubhouse had rebuilt trust with Marvel fans.

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